Neymar Allegedly Attended His Ex’s Wedding Following A Difficult Promise He Made

In what has been a wide topic of conversation on social media in the last couple of days, a recent video of Neymar reportedly attending his ex-girlfriend’s wedding went viral on TikTok.

According to a caption on the video, It’s claimed that Neymar made a promise to his ex-girlfriend Bruna Marquezine that he would attend her wedding, despite calling it quits a couple of years back.

That being said, there have been conflicting reports in the media about the video with it being reported that the clip could well be old or from a previous event.

A website by the name reported that the video was taken out of context. In further explanations, it’s said that Neymar and Marquezine attended a different wedding and that she was one of the bridesmaids for the event.

Watch the video below:


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