Nana Akomea Says People Sleep On The Streets Of America Yet They Have Cathedrals

Nana Akomea, the former Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has justified the government’s decision to construct National Cathedral amidst economic hardship in the country.

He said the establishment of the cathedral is very important to Ghanaians because over 70 percent of the population are Christians adding that the Muslims have an edifice constructed and financed by the Turkish government.

According to him,

“Every promise by a politician is a personal pledge; every plan isn’t it…the building of a cathedral is very important to me, it is a pledge to me… who makes a personal promise to build a national edifice?… if you make a personal pledge then what you are going to build is not going to be for the nation.

“The building of a cathedral is very important to us; 70 percent of our population are Christians. I am very happy that our Muslim friends have got a Mosque befitting the status of their religion…built with the support of the Turkish government…Christians also will appreciate the building of a national cathedral where when there are important national events; those events can be hosted in a proper edifice.”

Though there’s economic distress in the country, Nana Akomea speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana said “When you go to many countries in the world, they have this facility. When you go to America, there are still people who are sleeping on the streets… there are still people sleeping in the streets of London; they have national cathedrals for national occasions.”


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