Nairobi Man Sues Ex-Lover For Being Denied Presence In Pregnancy Journey

A Nairobi man has moved to court suing his ex-lover for not allowing him to be present in her pregnancy journey.
The man, named EMM in court papers, now pleads with the court to be allowed to offer help to the woman, JNC, until she delivers her twin children.

EMM argued that the respondent, JNC, has been defiant from welcoming his help yet lawfully he is entitled to offer responsibilities as a father to the unborn children.

“The respondent has consistently rejected to associate me or let me in with the pregnancy journey despite having full knowledge that I have been desirous of having children and becoming a father and a present one at that,” said EMM as quoted by the Standard.

Nairobi Man Sues Ex-Lover

“I have responsibilities over the unborn children which responsibilities the respondent is blocking me from doing. I therefore pray that this court compels the respondent to allow me to be present during the pregnancy journey and be present after the expected twin babies have been born.”

The duo, according to EMM, met in 2020 and got into an intimate relationship but had to part ways in February 2022.

He further added that they have lost two pregnancies before and now that they have a third one, he would want to be part and parcel of the journey up to delivery time.

“I am constantly stressed and worried about the safety and future of my babies as I have been left in the dark on the pregnancy journey, despite the full knowledge that I have been desirous of having children,” said EMM.

High Court Judge Mugure Thande who presided over the ruling admitted that he was bewildered by the matter, citing that most men opt to flee from a relationship whenever their lovers are pregnant.

“The petitioner/applicant is aware that life begins at conception as per provisions of Article 26 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and that he is keen to be present in the lives of his unborn children,” said Justice Thande.

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