Man Sets Girlfriend’s Apartment Ablaze For Breaking Up With Him

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A young woman from South Africa has encountered the most shocking experience in her life after her ex-boyfriend set fire into her apartment.

Monica, a young Port Elizabeth-based lady who lived with her mother in the apartment before the incident occurred is said to have ended things with the boyfriend.

She narrates that the unnamed ex-boyfriend ran over her mother and herself [possibly with a vehicle] and then went ahead to torch the apartment.

“He drove over me & my mom multiple times and went to burn our flat and I have nothing left. This is all because I ended the relationship,” Monica narrated in a tweet.

In one of her accompanying photos is an injured leg caused by severe scratches.

Twitter users upon seeing the post have rallied behind Monica to seek justice and she tells them the boyfriend is already in police custody.

However, others also believe Monica is not telling them all that happened.

What do you think may have triggered such action from the boyfriend and is that justifiable enough?



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