Man Repairs Hospital Road For Villagers Who Fundraised For Sisters’ Education

A 24 year old man from Kiambu County is being lauded for repairing two kilometers of the road leading to a public hospital for his fellow villagers who mobilized funds for his sisters’ education.

According to a report done by the Inooro media, Samuel Karanja took it upon himself to pay the villagers’ act of kindness forward after they turned out in large numbers at his two siblings’ harambee.

He committed his time to repair the road after villagers had been complaining of the state of the road for some time although the government was not swinging into action.

“They contributed a lot of money which saw my sisters go to school. I just had to express my gratitude by doing something that would benefit the whole community,” Karanja told Inooro reporters.

The villagers were wowed by what a perfect example to humanity Karanja is.

Many stated that they had fundraised for many other different causes. However, they had not witnessed any other beneficiary of their mchangos step up like Karanja did.

“We have gone to many harambees and contributed money in this neighborhood but we have never seen anyone doing anything like what Karanja has done,” a villager praised the lad.

According to the locals, Karanja and is humble and shows up every day to pick up the pieces. But has allegedly never asked for anything in return since he got started with the task.

Therefore, some of the villagers took it upon themselves to support the young man with food or cash for such.

The locals now want the county government of Kiambu to have Karanja enrolled in the Kazi Mtaani Initiative under the National Hygiene Program.

The project was recently launched by President Uhuru to steer the sustainability of the youth during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

The program was allocated a sum of Ksh10 Billion by the president.


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