People Will Attempt To Destroy Rawlings’ Reputation In History – Mahama Warns

Former President John Mahama says there will be attempts to twist history to denigrate the late President Rawlings following his demise.

“I dare say that with J.J’s passing the revisionists of our history will commence their work again to try and denigrate the history of his life and work. That is what I say unless those of us who knew him and worked with him document his life and works for posterity, then historians of the hunter will write it for us,” Mr Mahama said during a speech at a public lecture in honour of the late founder of the NDC.

He appealed to intellectuals who followed the Rawlings era to ensure that the facts of his life are projected fairly in their works.

To supporters of the NDC, Mr Mahama said:

“Now more than ever is when we should close our ranks to ensure the survival of our party and tradition.”

“The challenge that political parties face that makes the difference between success and failure is how you survive the passing of your founder”.

Source: Starr FM


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