Maggots Come Out of 11-Year-Old Boy’s Butt- He was Sodomized By Neighbour for 3 Years

A doctor in Nigeria has shared a horrific story of his 11-year-old male patient who has maggots coming out of his butt following a 3 year long sexual assault by a male neighbour.

Dr Bright Oris said the boy was brought in by his parents on Wednesday, June 17, after his mother noticed maggots coming out of his butt.

According to the doctor, the boy had trouble sitting. His mother noticed and asked him but the boy denied saying he was alright.

The suspicious mother went on to check him while he was asleep. And there was her worst nightmare. The maggots were swarming out of his anus!

She quickly talked to the boy’s father who probed the boy to reveal the identity of his abuser. But the young man was traumatized, he did not say anything.

The father became angry and beat the boy for 3 hours until he made the confession.

The perpetrator was their former neighbour, a married man.

To make the matters worse, the abuse began three years ago, long after the family moved to a new location. And he threatened to kill the boy if he dared tell anyone of his dirty secret.

Doctor Oris goes on to narrate that after the family moved, the neighbour would still visit them and would sometimes take the boy with him.

The said neighbour has since been on the run when he caught wind of the story.

After a physical examination, the doctor found the boy to have anal warts.

He added that he screened the patient for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. They were awaiting results at the time.



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