LSK Now Wants To Impeach President Uhuru For Interfering With The Judiciary

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The Law Society of Kenya has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of blatantly ignoring court orders.

And will, therefore, petition the National Assembly and Senate to initiate a motion to impeach him.

LSK president Nelson Havi announced the new development on Monday, adding that there is a ploy to have the judiciary run by the executive.

“It has become the order of the day for the government to disobey court orders in a manner to suggest the Constitution is an inconvenience to them,” Havi told reporters.

“We have all witnessed actions aimed at weakening these institutions and if the two houses are unable to impeach the President then Kenyans have a responsibility to hold their leaders to account,”

He added.

Earlier today, Chief Justice David Maraga accused the president of derailing the process of swearing in 41 judges.

According to the CJ, Uhuru is to blame for the backlog at the judiciary.

“The refusal of the President to appoint the 41 judges, was a grave violation of the constitution,” he said.

“I have for a long time now unsuccessfully sought an appointment to discuss this issue with you, leaving me no choice but to raise the matter through this public statement; you swore to defend and uphold the constitution and the laws of Kenya,”

The CJ lamented.

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