Lightning Strikes Dead 10 Kids Playing Soccer During Storm In Uganda

A lightning strike in Uganda left at least 10 children dead after they took shelter after they were playing soccer when a storm hit Arua city a few days ago.

Sources indicate that the kids were playing when the storm erupted, forcing them to flee the field.

They took shelter from the rain at a nearby grass-thatched hut where the unfortunate events leading to their deaths took took place.

Nine children of the kids aged 13 to 15, were killed on the spot while another died on the way to hospital.

Three survivors are receiving extensive treatment at the regional hospital.

Uganda’s north-western region has been experiencing severe rains coupled with thunder and lightning.

Lightning in Uganda strikes dead 10 children
Arua City on Ugandan map where lightning struck dead 10 children.

This is the worst accident of its kind in Uganda since 2011, when 18 children were killed at a school in the mid-western region.

The buildings were not equipped with lifesaving lightning diverters.

That same year, 28 people also died from lightning strikes in just a week’s time.

In February this year, four rare mountain gorillas were killed after being hit by lightning.



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