Kofi Jumah Says You Are Not A True Christian If You Don’t Drink Alcohol Because Jesus Loved To Drink

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for GIHOC Distilleries Limited, Maxwell Kofi Jumah insists that any individual who does not drink alcohol is not a true Christian.

To him, there is no Christian in the world who does not drink alcohol with incidents in the bible as a justification.

christians alcohol

Backing his claim with biblical examples, he said

“Jesus during his last supper gave alcohol to the disciples to use as a symbol for remembering him. So why will a Christian say he/she does not drink alcohol”.

Maxwell Kofi Jumah further indicated that individuals who claim not to take alcohol but drink wine are lying to themselves.

He indicated that there is nothing like non-alcoholic wine because wine is made from fermented fruit Juice and therefore has some percentage of alcohol.

“There is nothing in this world called wine that is not alcoholic. When it’s not alcoholic we call it fruit juice. You people should explain things well to your listeners. Wine is a fruit that has fermented so tell them to stop the lies,” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.



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