KFC Runs Out of Chicken In Australia

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KFC Australia has run out of chicken.

According to CNN reports, the fast-food chain is experiencing a shortage due to supply-chain disruptions.

The food outlet said it had temporarily removed some items from the menu at certain locations around Australia as it struggled to find supply of its key ingredient: fresh chicken. It said its suppliers were being hit by staff shortages due to Covid-19.

KFC did not specify which menu items were affected, or which of its suppliers were experiencing problems.

“We’re working with our multiple suppliers to mitigate the impact and provide them with support, but we expect some disruptions to continue in the coming weeks,” a company spokesperson told CNN.

Australian poultry processor Ingham’s, which supplies chicken to KFC, told the news outlet that it was “experiencing significantly lower levels of staff availability, which is impacting production volumes and operational efficiency”.

“The rapid spread of the Omicron variant … and the resulting staff shortages, are now also having a significant impact on the Australian supply chain, operations, logistics and sales performance of Ingham’s, and some of its suppliers and customers,” the company stated in a stock exchange filing.

The key ingredients shortage in Australia also hit McDonald’s, an American fast-food company. The chain is experiencing a potato shortage.

McDonald’s has over 36,000 stores in 119 countries and territories, the second-most stores out of all fast-food chains worldwide behind only Subway. McDonald’s serve almost 54 million people daily.

Last week, KFC was in trouble with Kenyans, particularly those on social media, after it announced a potato shortage despite an abundant supply of the produce in the country.

Following the furore, KFC Kenya, which imports its potatoes from Egypt, would later state in a statement that it had initiated plans to source the produce locally.

KFC uses potatoes in fries preparation.

Source: CNN

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