Kenyans Set To Enjoy A 5 Day Weekend As Tuesday Declared Public Holiday

Sherehe is calling and boy does it have the right address! Kenyans can not contain themselves as this end month comes bearing a mid-term for adults.

If you’re not up to speed let me break down for you what this adult midterm is.

It all started when the third president of our nation passed away on the 21st of April and is set to be buried on the 25th.


In as much as it’s not a jolly thing, his demise happens to be a blessing in disguise as it was declared a national holiday.

As the late president’s burial falls on Friday the 25th of April, the weekend for Kenyans starts on Thursday evening and it doesn’t just end there.

We have the weekend, which is a guaranteed off day for most, and it comes bearing gifts as well. It’s like the universe understood that it had been slapping us left, right, and centre and decided to give us a break.

Sunday happens to be the 1st of May, which as you all know is Labour day a definite public holiday. And as luck would have when public holidays fall on a Sunday it gets pushed to the first weekday following the holiday.

Thus Monday the 2nd of May is a gazetted public holiday.

You guys my guys are you following this? Stay with me, the weekend started on Thursday evening that’s the 24th of April and it’s been carried forward till the 2nd of May.

And it doesn’t end there!

Yes someone cue all the party gengetone songs there are.

3rd May happens to be Eid al-Fitr as our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide mark an end to the Holy month of Ramadhan.

In conclusion, Kenyans are set for a five-day holiday! Tell me that’s not a midterm break?!

Adults can finally get some quality “me time”, give attention to their kids, side businesses, catch up with friends, and whatnot.

It doesn’t get better much better than this.

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