Kenyans Do Not Want Arimi’s To Change Its Look

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An artist’s impression of what she imagined would be a nice new design of Arimi’s milking jelly has gone viral.

Nanzia Hellena, going by @thetriggahappy1, caused a stir on Twitter after she posted the new designs and wrote;

“I did the unthinkable. I decided to rebrand your favorite brand as a slightly premium product. This is a passion project, I hope you like it.”

Like it, however, Kenyans did not.

Despite acknowledging that the designs were pretty awesome, #KOT warned Hellena to touch literally everything else but stay away from their favourite product.

According to them, the Arimi’s brand is just not the same without the image of the cow that is usually on the current design which was designed some decades ago, something the artist completely erased from her impression.

Below are some of the reactions from KOT:

“…definitely super talented but it’s just not Arimis without our beloved cow. That cow is a key feature of this our national treasure.” – Patricia Kihoro


Source: CitizenTV

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