Kenyans Are Seeking Justice For Sheila Lumumba Who Was Allegedly Murdered By Six Men For Being Ga

Kenyans on social media are seeking justice For Sheila Lumumba a lady from the LGBTQ community who was brutally murdered by a gang of six men.

The terrible circumstances that led to the loss of her life have stirred alot of reactions from Kenyans with the #justiceforsheila trending on social media platforms.

Human rights activists have expressed their concern on the violence against people who identify as members of the LGBTQ community saying their lives matters too.


Among those who gave the statement are prominent human rights activist Njeri wa Migwi who expressed her concerns in a Facebook post.

I just spoke to Sheila’s Lumumba best friend today, and we cried together. Today Sheila is dead, six men broke into her house and gang-r*ped her, further broke her leg according to the autopsy and killed this beautiful beautiful human in Karatina town, Why? Because she was a lesbian.

My heart is beyond broken. Sheila don’t rest, if you don’t get justice don’t rest babe, do not give them rest, curse them, that blood that you shed curse them, may they never know peace.

May your blood follow them, from the raising of the sun and to the setting of the sun. Curse them. Haunt them, don’t let them rest, don’t let know peace. Haunt them.”

May Sheila rest in peace and may justice prevail.

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