Kennedy Agyapong Exposes Woman Used By Fake Pastors For Miracle Shows

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Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has revealed a woman who feigns all kinds of sicknesses to aid new and supposed pastors to deceive unsuspecting Christians.

For a relatively new church in Ghana to see a steady rise in numbers then the supposed pastor must have applied the right formula.

Miracles, the only reason for which new age Christians attend churches. It is therefore not surprising to see the rise in one-man churches at almost every corner in the country.

The maverick MP for weeks now have cracked down on some established ‘men of God’ in Ghana including the embattled Bishop Obinim vowing to expose them one after the other for their deceit.

On Thursday, May 21’s edition of ‘The Seat’ on NET2 TV, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong revealed the woman whose job is to aid these charlatans to deceive Ghanaians.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, the woman mobilizes and provides these pastors with individuals and charges GH¢150 per head for each session with a pastor.

“This woman mobilizes other people and give them out to pastors to be used to fake miracles and healings. This lady I’m about to show is being used by most pastors to fake miracles and healings. They use people as young as twelve years. The woman charges GH¢150 per session with a pastor. Why would you allow yourself to be used for just 150 cedis?”

The woman was filmed by a hidden camera when some people believed to be working for Kennedy Agyapong feigned interest in her services to get her talking.

From the horse’s own mouth, the woman negotiated the prices of her services and went ahead to expose some of her loyal customers.

Watch the video below;


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