This 26-Year-Old Kasoa Man Use Dead Laptop Batteries To Build Electric Bikes

Young man introduces innovative bikes. This innovative bike can cover up to 120km

He makes one point abundantly clear before he speaks about his innovation.

He is not professionally trained to build bikes as he has done but being a professional cyclist, and having the need to move from one place to another really quick, it was just right to custom-build something for himself.

electric bikes laptop batteries

That is the story of Lawrence Adjei, a 26-year-old who has found an innovative way of turning dead laptop batteries into electric bikes.

“I do custom-build electric bikes from scratch. I am not a welder but I just do everything myself from scratch; you can see the machines here,” he said, pointing to one of the machines in the little garage that helps him get his innovations completed.

Sharing his story with Nana Tea Was Here Some on YouTube, he explained that he just found a great way of recycling dead laptop batteries, transforming them into powered bikes.

“With the batteries, I use dead laptop batteries. I crack them open and then I test them with a machine,” he explained.

With a custom-built external battery that helps to charge the bike, he said at full charge the machine can go as for as a 120km range.

“This battery here is 77volt battery with 37 amps an hour, which is around 2.7, 2.8 watts and a full charge will take around 3 hours and that can take you to up 120 km range.

“I have a custom-built charger that you plug into the mains to charge the bike,” he said.

Another unique feature of his bike is that it has ports to allow for mobile phones to be charged.

While he is yet to fully get his bikes on the road, as well as get them commercialized, Lawrence Adjei said that the bikes can still be used.

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