“Just Work Like The Rest Of Us” Bien Tells Off Man Demanding Ksh5M Compensation For Using Viral Bedsitter Photo

Bien has been maintaining his silence for sometime now. This is after Jalang’os domestic worker Morrison Litiema revealed he would sue the singer for using a meme that originally belongs to him since he is the man in the photo now turned meme.

His reasons for suing is because Bien used the photo without his consent and the fact that this photo takes him back to the hard times he went through – means he is also suing for mental anguish.

However according to Bien who recently spoke to Mungai Eve, we now understand that the singer isn’t planning on paying a dime to the fella.

I used the photo as a meme. I did not make that meme, I don’t have the time to do so. I am running big businesses in the city, but Litiema much love, I am also his fan. Come I prepare chicken, Ugali and traditional vegetables for you so that we can close that beef.

Bien And Jalangos Staffer

In fact, he claims that the fella is chasing clout – something he isn’t willing to put up with. This is after he mentioned that the guy featured on the photo is not Litiema – meaning he too was looking for attention through Bien’s name.

By the way, the photo is not his, he is also chasing clout. I have looked at that guy very well. It is not him. He should stop chasing clout and just work like the rest of us. I won’t compensate him because it is a meme.

Bien And Jalang'os Staffer

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