A New Research Reveals That Humans Could Live Up To 150 Years

Humans may have finally unlocked the secrets to a longer life.

Recent studies suggest that human beings have the capabilities to live to be 150-years-old, and we’re only limited by today’s medical standards.

According to the New York Post, scientists are theorizing that humans can unlock the max potential of a lifespan thanks to new research into reversing the aging process.

Oldest Woman In The World

Dr. David Sinclair, the founder of Harvard’s Sinclair Lab says “If DNA is the digital information on a compact disc, then aging is due to scratches. We are searching for the polish.”

And they’ve somewhat achieved their goals after injecting mice with a serum of genes that affected the DNA of the cells in the eye. Sinclair reports

“Our study demonstrates that it’s possible to safely reverse the age of complex tissues such as the retina and restore its youthful biological function.”

This is all well and good, but what kind of quality of life can a person expect when they’re 150?


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