Housewife Sues Runaway Husband Who Eloped With Their Househelp

A Rwandan housewife in Kahawa Sukari is suing her runaway husband who eloped with their househelp on July 4, over custody of their two young children.

According to the wife, the househelp was her husband’s mistress who posed as a maid and then ran away with him along with the children aged two and four.

Court documents on the case read:

“The defendant left their matrimonial home with the minors as well as his mistress whom he disguised as the house girl while he was plotting their exit.”

The wife says although her husband refused to tell her where they were moving to, she found out that the four are now living in Nairobi, Karen.

As such, she revealed the mistress is now posing as the children’s mother and thus this may confuse and emotionally hurt the minors.

“He is living with another woman who is posing as the mother of the minors and therefore aggravating the psychological injury¬† the minors are already incurring,” says the mother.

After they left the house at Kahawa, the wife allegedly tried contacting her husband but the efforts were in vain.

The court documents further indicate she also tried to seek the intervention of his family.

She now wants the court to grant her custody of the children whom she says need their mother’s tender love.

Being a housewife, she has no source of income and was fully dependent on her husband.

Therefore, she is seeking monthly child support and upkeep of Ksh69,000 to cover for food, clothing and other necessities ahead of the hearing of the case.

The said husband is reported to be a senior employee at a high-end security firm in Burundi. Aside the work allowances and bonuses, he earns a monthly salary equivalent to Ksh323,360.

“She is jobless and cannot provide for the minors in terms of food, clothing, shelter and other necessities while her husband is an employee of a multinational security firm where he earns a lot of money,” the documents indicate.

She also wants the court to order her estranged husband to not kick her out of their matrimonial home in Kahawa Sukari, considering which he is intending to sell.





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