Hellen Wendy’s Body Arriving Today Ahead Of Burial

The body of the Kenyan nurse, Hellen Wendy who died on August 18, 2022, while swimming will arrive today ahead of the burial on Monday.

Hellen will be buried on Monday at her parent’s home in Kisii county.

Wendy’s body is expected to arrive in Nairobi on Saturday afternoon aboard Ethiopian Airlines Aircraft.

Hellen Wendy

Close members of her family this week visited the swimming pool where she drowned.

Wendy’s mother and father, John Kiyondi Nyabuto laid flowers at the edge of the swimming pool.

In a previous interview, Wendy’s dad said that the family wished for Hellen’s body to be repatriated back to Kenya for burial in accordance with their customs.

“According to our tradition, one is supposed to be buried where he or she was born. I’ll not feel comfortable, psychologically, if my daughter is buried away from Kenya,” he said.

He also reminisced how he cried after watching the video of his daughter drowning.

“I watched that video. I cried. It is terrible. She communicated with me two days before she perished. She sounded very fine and I was very happy. She promised me a phone. I didn’t feel anything abnormal,” he said.

Nyabuto said her daughter was their breadwinner adding that it will be hard moving on from her death.

Enock, one of Wendy’s five siblings says the family has been pushed back to the drawing board after their sister’s death.

“She has been in Canada for about three years. All the financial responsibilities (of their family in Kenya) were on her. Back to square one.”

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