Govt Rescues Kisii Family With Mysterious Condition After Media Report

A new report dated July 31st indicates that the county government of Kisii has finally rescued the family of seven with a mysterious condition in the county.

According to the report, the government pledged to help them access medication for the rare elephantiasis disease.

The county’s governor James Ongwae said the seven will access treatment at the Kisii County Referral Hospital.

The message reached the burdened family through their county Woman Representative Janet Ong’era.

“I passed by the governor’s office and asked him if the hospital can help the family and he said he would see to it that they get medicine from Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital,” she stated.

The six siblings along with their father first came into the limelight on July 8, 2020 in a report by Citizen TV that highlighted that they all contracted the disease once they got into Class 7.

The father, 95, narrated in the family, only his wife was exempted from the rare condition.

He also pointed out that their effort to acquire treatment were futile despite spending lots of money on the cause.

Kisii family with mysterious condition

According to health experts, the disease is caused by parasitic worms which are spread by mosquitoes.

Once bitten, the symptoms may include swelling of limbs, genitals and breasts.

The skin on the affected area may appear dry.

The affected persons may also develop fevers or chills.

Avoiding exposure to mosquitoes is a critical preventive measure for contracting Elephantiasis.


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