Why Is Jean Mensa Being Protected From Cross – Examination? Ghanaian Quiz Supreme Court

Ghanaians are asking the Supreme Court to expedite hearing to make it possible for the Electoral Commission (EC) Boss, Madam Jean Mensa, to be cross-examined.

According to these concerned citizens, they do not understand why the court is trying to prevent layers of the petitioner, former President Mahama, from cross-examining her.

Jean Mensa is a key figure in the whole 2020 election petition case ongoing in the Supreme court. Her declaration of the 2020 presidential results on Wednesday, December 9 2021 is the reason for the turn in events.

Today, lead counsel for John Mahama, Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata made a move to have Madam Jean Mensah examined. A move that was refuted by lawyers for the EC.

Thus, Ghanaians are expecting to hear from Madam Jean Mensa and understand her point of view and the things that influenced her decisions.

Rockson Dafeamekpor of the NDC wrote: J

ean Mensah says we should go to Court. Now we are in Court and EC’s lawyer says she won’t testify? The EC cannot be managed like a sole proprietorship. We want to see the resolution of the EC to the effect that Jean Mensah must not testify. This cannot be a personal decision

These concerns are being shared on social media as follows:

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