#FreeSHS Food Shortages: Students Now Come To School With Their Own Food

It has been three days and yet the Education Ministry has not been able to supply food to senior high schools in the Upper West Region as was promised.

Free SHS

In an interview with the spokesperson of the Education Ministry on 3FM Sunrise on Tuesday, Kwasi Kwarteng assured that food stuffs were going to be distributed on the same day to all the senior high schools in the Upper West Region especially since their case is peculiar.

“As I have indicated already, all the schools in the Upper West Region are going to receive food supplies this morning and the by the close of today” Kwarteng told 3FM Sunrise on Tuesday 12 July, 2022

Upper West Regional Chairman of NAGRAT, Harun Ussif Kadiri has confirmed to Alfred Ocansey on 3FM Sunrise Morning show on Thursday 14 July,2022 that schools have not received food supplies and funds, hence head teachers have to use their own money to buy corn dough to feed students.

He stated that the situation is so bad that if it were in their days as students, it would have led to a serious demonstration by students.

“It is not easy, head masters have done well to put their foot on the ground. Other than that, the rampage would have been worse. In our days in secondary school, with this same situation, we would have gone on rampage” Ussif Kadiri said

Ussif Kadiri disclosed that students go to the dinning to take porridge without sugar or bread and they are fed rice for lunch and supper. There is no oil, tomatoes and other provisions.

The school managers have indicated that if the situation is not salvaged by tomorrow Friday 15 July, they would be compelled to close down the schools.


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