In UK, Drivers Could Be Fined £5,000 For Not Keeping Inside Of Their Cars Clean

Drivers who don’t keep the inside of their car clean could be slapped with fines up to £5,000 should they be involved in a collision.

If you keep a shameful amount of Maccies chip boxes in your car or perhaps an Argos pen or two from a decade ago, then police could find a reason to hit you with a fine.

However that isn’t to say a cop is going to pull you over because you’ve been to KFC more than the reasonable amount and left the evidence in the passenger footwell. There are key areas of the car that must be kept clean, one of which is the windscreen.

fine inside of car not clean

It becomes too easy to toss things on the dashboard and call it a day, only to clean it out when you have a passenger other than your partner – who is far too accustomed to your sloppy lifestyle choices.

If you are involved in a crash where your windscreen isn’t deemed tidy enough, you can be hit with a ‘careless driving’ charge, whether the collision is your fault or not.

Those involved in minor accidents may see £100 fines and three penalty points on their licence.

Should the collision be serious, the fine can be as much as £5,000 and you could also see up to nine points added to your licence.

“All glass or other transparent material fitted to a motor vehicle shall be maintained in such condition that it does not obscure the vision of the driver while the vehicle is being driven on a road,” reads Regulation 30 of The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986.

So next time you speed out of the office to make it home in time for the game, maybe remove the clutter on top of the dashboard as £5,000 is a really expensive Maccies.


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