Pablo Escobar’s Family to Shut Down 2 Chainz Over Restaurants Name

Pablo Escobar’s family company: Escobar Inc. is issuing a lawsuit against American rapper 2 Chainz over his choice of name for his restaurant line; Escobar Restaurant and Tapas.

According to TMZ, Escobar Inc. is suing 2 Chainz whose legal name is Tauheed Epps for not less than £10 million, an estimate equivalent of Ksh 1.3 billion.

The company is reported to claim that Escobar Restaurant and Tapas illegally uses Escobar’s name and image.

Pablo Escobar and 2Chainz, Photo: Getty Images

Mirror further reports that legal documents indicate that the late Colombian drug cartel leader’s image and likeness is owned by his family.

2 Chainz’s restaurants is said to not only use his name, but also his likeness and that one of the outlets has him painted on the inside.

Escobar Inc. also allegedly referenced the restaurant’s “Escobar Crab Cakes” on the menu.

According to Mirror, Escobar Inc told them they are going to shut down 2 Chainz:

“Basically, we are going to shut down 2 Chainz, and get $10 million from him.”

Pablo Escobar died in 1993.


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