‘Don’t Touch The Animals’: Man’s Finger Gets Bitten Off By Lion In Jamaican Zoo

Messing with wild animals is an act avoided by most sane people. However, there are enough ‘daredevils’ in the world who either don’t know better or do not want to and their actions prove the same.

If you are at the zoo, where animals are kept in their enclosures, getting harmed is a rare chance. However, if you interfere with their boundaries, and put yourself in the way of danger, you are to blame, and not the wild animal.

Man's Finger Gets Bitten Off By Lion In Jamaican Zoo

A video going viral on social media shows a man in Jamaica sticking his hand through the fence of a lion’s enclosure. Needless to say, the king of the jungle was not too happy with the man’s constant interference. Despite giving the man enough warnings by growling and showing its teeth, the lion had no respite from the man’s actions.

The visitor at Jamaica Zoo tried to pet the lion through his enclosure’s fence. This interaction ended up in the lion biting the man’s finger as he struggled to break free from its jaws. The man’s finger gets stuck in the lion’s mouth and then the tendon stretches out for about a foot before it snaps. This causes the man to be catapulted away and all that is mostly left is a white skeleton finger.

It is important to understand that the wild animals are not in their natural habitat, and messing with them will bring no good to anyone. People who visit zoos should follow rules, and stay away from the enclosures of these animals.


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