CS Kagwe Savagely Responds To Question Of Son Kahu$h Partying

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Sunday, August 9, savagely responded to a question by a journalist following the surfacing of a video of his lastborn rapper son Kahu$h partying recklessly.

In the clip, Kahumburu Mutahi aka Kahu$h is seen at a house party in company of several friends with several bottles of liquor on the table.

Social distancing among them was very poor with none of them visibly wearing a face mask as they interacted freely.

The viral video of the rapper partying had sparked negative reactions from the public who noted that Kagwe is urging Kenyans to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines yet his own son was was doing the complete opposite.

The CS neither denied nor confirmed whether it was indeed his son in the video.

However, he noted that none of his sons is underage (below 18 years) and thus whoever was questioning about his son could find him and ask him directly.

“On the issue you asked about my son, I do not have a son in my house who is less than 18 years old which means that they are adults, you can follow them and ask them,” Kagwe retorted, contrary to the reactions Kenyans were expecting from him.


Kagwe has also been under pressure to resign especially from former Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale who asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to have Kagwe laid off over the KEMSA scandal.

“The issue at KEMSA, we have read the same things you have read, we are aware investigations are going on so it started long before I got there. So the issue of anybody asking me to resign is what is called a pipe dream and they can continue dreaming. I am not even aware who that is, but you can tell them to dream on,” the Health Cabinet Secretary responded.


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