Couples To Marry In 20 Minutes As GoK Launches Online Marriage Program

The government of Kenya has launched an online program that will enable couples marry in just 20 minutes

Both Kenyan and foreign couples seeking to marry will no longer be required to go to Sheria House after the agency unveiled a digital registration platform that will that will aid with the process.

The platform targets at reducing human traffic at the offices and thus reducing the spread of Coronavirus.

According to Stale Law Office Chief Executive Administrative Secretary, Winnie Guchu, the services will no longer be accessible manually.

“There will be no more manual services at the registrar of marriage at Sheria House as all services will be available online. We do not want couples coming to Sheria House.” She said.

In the guidelines provided to this cause, couples will register and fill their details through the eCitizen portal.

They will then proceed to make payment of the marriage fee.

Afterwards, they will book a pre-wedding interview after which they will be eligible for their wedding appointment after 21 days.

On the wedding day, the marriage will be officiated by the registrar lasting no more than 20 minutes.

Only two witnesses will be allowed in to the venue.

In case the schedule is not adhered to, the couples will have to book new dates.

The CAS revealed that the program will be rolled out in Nairobi first before the other counties.

She also reported that the inspiration of this program came after only a few couples were willing to postpone their weddings since COVID-19.

“When we resumed, only 700 couples were willing to postpone their weddings. However, we were left with a bulk of 1,841 couples,” she said.


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