Brother And Sister Who Fell In Love Are Fighting To Get Incest Legal After Having Four Kids Together

Incestuous siblings who fell in love have and have four children together are fighting to make incest legal so that their disturbing relationship won’t get banned anymore.

Brother – Patrick Syuebing was reunited with younger sister Susan Karolewski 20 years after he moved into a foster home in East Germany. This is when he was attacked by his father.

After six months of discovering his biological family, Patrick, who was 23-years-old back then, shifted with his sister who is mentally disabled in one bedroom. This happened after their mother Ana Marie died.

Brother And Sister Who Fell In Love Are Fighting

The brother and sister since then produced four children. Two out of these four are severely disabled.

In 2001 the pair vowed to change Germany’s laws making sex between siblings illegal, which they took to the Court of Human Rights in 2012. Patrick served two jail sentences for incest charges in that time.

A report by Mail Online quoted Patrick as saying:

“We do not feel guilty about what has happened between us. We want the law which makes incest a crime to be abolished.

“I became head of the family and I had to protect my sister. She is very sensitive but we helped each other during this very difficult period and eventually that relationship became physical.”

He continued:

“We didn’t even know we were doing anything wrong when we started sleeping together. We didn’t think about using a condom. We didn’t know it was illegal to sleep together. “Our mother would not have approved, but the only ones who should judge us now are us.”

Susan too defended this. She said she didn’t know her brother while growing up since he left at the age of three because his father attacked him with a knife.

What do you think about this relationship?

H/T: Daily Mail


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