#EndSars: The Politicians Think This Revolution Is A Game But It’s Not- Bosom P-Yung

Ghana’s Ataa Adwoa hitmaker, Bosom P-Yung has commented on the current issue of unending protests and killings currently going on in Nigeria.

Over the weeks, we have seen countless videos of peaceful protests grow into massive shootouts and the killing of many innocent people by the same police force that is meant to be protecting them.

#EndSARS is gradually becoming an issue of international concern and Bosom P-Yung has observed that the government that is supposed to be controlling this is quiet because they feel like this revolution is a game.

He said,

“It pains me a lot seeing these things happening. Not to talk of what is happening in Congo and I feel like this is a revolution time but the government or the leaders think that the revolution is a game; like we’re playing a win or lose game but I want to tell the leaders that this is not a win or lose the game”.

He further championed, during his interview on the Dryve of Your Lyfe with Kojo Manuel and Mz Austin that this is a life-changing matter, hence the leaders should listen to the people, come to their aid and end the whole issue about SARS so that Nigeria and the whole world at large, can live in peace.

Source: e TV Ghana


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