U.S. White House Says Ukraine Has WON The Battle Of Kyiv Against Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Sunday that his country had won the battle of Kyiv, saying preparations are underway for the fight in the Donbas region.

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Host Chuck Todd asked Kuleba on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about the importance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent walk through the streets of the embattled city with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, noting its strong symbolism.

“Well, I would say it’s not only about symbolism, it’s also about sending a message of confidence in Ukraine, in Ukrainian leadership and in the Ukrainian army that is capable of defending the capitol. And it’s true to say that Ukraine won the battle for Kyiv,” Kuleba said.

“Now, another battle is coming, the battle for Donbas. And of course, we are preparing to it, working with our partners to get all necessary weapons, and literally basically everything that one needs to win a battle,” he added.

Todd also noted the recent Russian attack on the Kramatorsk train station, killing dozens of civilians. He asked Kuleba if peace is still possible with Russia.

“Listen, it’s extremely difficult to even think about sitting down with people who commit or excuse or find excuses for all these atrocities and war crimes, who have inflicted such horrendous damage on Ukraine,” Kuleba said.

“But I understand one thing: If sitting down with the Russians will help me to prevent at least one massacre like in Bucha, or at least another attack like in Kramatorsk, I have to take that opportunity.”


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