American Fox News Presenter On The Spot Over ‘Pregnant Kenyan Women Don’t Have Voting Rights’ Comments

A presenter with the conservative American TV network, Fox News, is on the receiving end of Kenyans’ wrath over comments she made on live TV that Kenyan women don’t have voting rights.

Emily Rose Compagno, who co-hosts the news review program Outnumbered, was apparently giving her two-cents on some American celebrities’ views about women’s voting rights.

Fox News

According to her, as far as voting rights go, it does not get any worse than countries like Kenya because over here, pregnant women are barely allowed to get out of their houses.

“These comments are totally delusional. So she’s talking about, what, voting rights? That we have less voting flights here?” a passionate Ms. Compagno posed.

“What about in Kenya where pregnant women can’t leave the house so they absolutely have no constructive right to vote or in Oman, where women have to vote as their husbands due or risk death?”

Of course her comments were false and as expected have not gone down well with Kenyans. Online users are now demanding that she withdraws the remarks as well as an apology from the television network.

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