These Twins From Cape Coast Woke Up One Day With American-Accent (Video)

In a very surprising development, some 8-year-old twins in the Central Regional Capital of Cape Coast are being reported to have acquired the ability to fluently speak English with a fine American accent overnight.

The twins, Laurinda Akua Baidoo and Laurencia Akua Baidoo according to their father, Kwaku Badu who is a teacher was motivated to help his kids speak good English when his friend prompted him to help his children speak good English as it will benefit their education.

He said he tried for a while and later gave up but came to the realization that the children had not just been able to develop fluent English-speaking skills but have also acquired an accent.

“It just happened, we were there, they are my kids and within a twinkle of an eye I saw them speaking English with the tonation of the white people and I said wow, then I have to start looking at the children. So, I started speaking English with them. So the thing just came and it has been upgrading,” their father said.

The father of the twins expressed hope that his children with their ability are going to make great achievements in life.

Mother of the twins, Mena Akua who also spoke to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi TV said she is now struggling to keep up with the English speaking and accent of her girls due to her low level of education.

“I speak Fante to them and they speak English to me. When I speak some, they laugh at me,” she said.

Asked how they came about their newly acquired accent and fluency in the English language, the eldest of the twins said it is a gift from God.

“We don’t know, it just happened. It is just like a gift from God,” the 8-year-old stated.

The twins who are all aspiring to be doctors in the future have not only been blessed with fluent English-speaking skills and an accent, as a challenge by Kofi Adoma to get them to sing, had ‘Kiki and Pipi’ instantly forming a song which they sand with very beautiful voices.

Watch Kofi Adoma’s interview with the twins and their parents below:

Source: Ghanaweb


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