A Reflection Of The Future? Akufo Addo Picks No.1 Slot For Upcoming Elections

After clearing 12 out of 17 presidential candidates to contest for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana held a meeting yesterday to allow the various political parties pick slots.

The purpose of the meeting was to finally determine the order in which the political parties would be arranged on the ballot paper on election day.

This was after some political parties protested the normal way the EC uses to select positions on the ballot paper.

After everything was done, the real positioning for the slots on the ballot paper began with representatives of the various political parties being made to pick a folded sheet with hidden numbers written on them.

At the end, NPP’s Akufo-Addo and NDC’s Mahama placed first and second on the ballot paper respectively.

Below is the list of how the various presidential aspirants would appear on the ballot paper come December 7, 2020.

1. New Patriotic Party

2.National Democratic Congress

3. Ghana Union Movement

4. Conventions People Party

5. Ghana Freedom Party

6. Great Consolidated Popular Party

7. All Peoples Congress

8. Liberal Party of Ghana

9. Peoples National Congress


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