A Kisii Man Faked His Parents’ Death So He Could Get Contributions From His US Friends

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A family in Mwamarita, Kisii County is fuming with anger after their son who lives in Texas, US lied about his parents’ death to get burial contributions.

Kenfrey Ondabu is believed to have colluded with some people in Kisii to print fake obituaries and death certificates which he sent to his US-based friends to get money in July.

One of Kenfrey’s friends said he was shocked to find Kenfrey’s parents alive even after having contributed money for their ‘burial’.

The friend who also lives in the US had returned to Kisii and he is the one who spilled the beans.

According to the suspect’s father Zacharia Ondabu, the family was not aware that their son had been conning people.

Zacharia Ondabu called on the police to conduct investigations on the whole matter.

“We want to know who printed the papers lying that we were dead,” said Zacharia Ondabu.

Kenfrey Ondabu is believed to have colluded with a local chief and other people Kisii to produce fake death certificates.

To prove that his parents had died, Kenfrey sent photos of people digging a grave and printed a fake funeral program for his parents.

Source: People Daily


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