77-year-old Abusuapanin Smashes Nephew’s Head With Metal In Apinkra

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A 77-year-old man has been apprehended following the murder of his own nephew in Apinkra in the Ashanti Region.

The old man is described by the residents as a calm person who has not been in any form of an altercation with anyone in the community. They, however, describe the deceased as someone who causes trouble when he has had something [alcohol] to drink.

The uncle and his nephew, according to eyewitnesses, had a disagreement on the previous evening which ended bloody after the nephew hit his uncle with a stone in the head.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Erastus Donkor, the assemblyman for the area, Honourable Frank Dankwah narrated that the suspect who was covered in his nephew’s blood came to him saying he only met the body lying in the pool of blood.

Honourable Danquah said the suspect spilt the beans after the police came to pick the body.

According to him, when the suspect returned from the health facility where his bloody head was treated, he met his nephew fast asleep in the courtyard.

He picked up one of the deceased’s work tools –a metal rod– and continuously hacked him in his sleep until half of his head was completely smashed with pieces scattering all over the compound.

Children of the suspect said, their father has a history of crime where he shot someone but somehow managed to regain his freedom. He then moved to Apinkra to start his calm life until this incident.

They also added that they would do everything in their power to help their father out of this situation.

Whiles some residents of the community called for his removal as the family head and banishment, others believe he will not survive the sentence for such a heinous crime.

The suspect being processed for court on the provisional charge of murder.

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