Chinese Firm Signs Contract To Build Floating Bridge In Likoni

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In six month’s time, a floating bridge will be up and running at the Likoni crossing channel.

China Road and Bridge Corporation has already signed the contract to construct the Likoni floating bridge in Mombasa at cost of Sh1.5 billion.

The bridge will reduce congestion at the crossing channel, allowing Likoni residents to access the Mombasa Island and vice versa.

According to The Star, Construction has been earmarked for completion within the next six months and the project will include the construction of a 660-meter pedestrian bridge stretching from north to south of Likoni funded by the government.

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Likoni Crossing

The Likoni channel ferries an estimated 300,000 passengers and over 6,000 cars daily. However, it is always not smooth with the Kenya Ferry Services vessels which break down frequently.

“This plan has taken into account such aspects as timeliness, economy, reliability and practicality.”

A CRBC official said.

The bridge will complement the existing ferry services to streamline passage and reduce overcrowding and long queues of up to one kilometer.

A CRBC official told the Star that the bridge involves the construction of the pile foundations and a Bailey-type approach bridge with movable main steel bridge at the middle of the channel that allows ship movements.

The approaches on either side of the channel are fixed steel structures anchored on pile foundations.

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