How To Be A Side Chick This Valentines

Are you his valentines, or the other woman? 

Valentines is fast approaching, and being the side chick can be just as lonely as being single, because technically on that day, you kind of are. However, just like the single gals, there are a few ways to keep yourself preoccupied.

1. Love yourself  

He may not be around, but maybe that’s a good thing. You can take this time to re-charge and ask yourself why you are with him in the first place. Is it worth being alone on Valentines’, or basically every other day he’s with someone else? Re-evaluate your feelings towards him and think of yourself first.

valentines side chick
image: Tenor

2. Don’t think about him all day. 

In fact, try not to pay him any thought. On a day, especially like valentines, with love with the air, it can be so easy to daydream and fantasize about the day he’ll leave his partner or whatever other scenarios you wish would happen.

valentines side chick
image: Healthline

3. Distract Yourself

Find an engrossing movie, series or book. Go on a casual date with the guy who has been crushing on you, spend time with family or hang out with a friend. Find anything to keep your mind off.

valentines side chick
image: stylevore

4. Block him perhaps 

Valentines reaffirms your role as the side chick. If that feels like a low point, then it’s safe to say that you don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. At least not for the next month, until its no longer the season of love.

valentines side chick
image: Tenor

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