24 Questions About Ghanaians That Need To Be Answered ASAP

Obviously, people are eager to know so we need to answer them.

1. Too much pepper?

2. Why?

3. Be honest, how many Priscilla do you know?

4. When did we all decide on this?

5. Seriously?

6. Who bribed God for this?

7. And this

8. Kosua ne meko?


9. Our Saturdays are pretty much booked.

10. And this

11. We need to answer this

12. And here too

13. When was the last time you paid for music?

14. Help our sister here

15. Is Ash a color?

16. Hmmmm

17. This accent thing

18. From FCUBE to FreeSHS and still

19. Especially our brothers and sisters abroad

20. Time? What’s that?


22. Cutex


24. Colonization wasn’t enough?


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