Video Of A Groom Who Burst Into Laughter Whiles Saying His Vows Goes Viral And Ghanaians Had This To Say

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A video making rounds on social media sees a groom laughing his head off in the middle of his wedding ceremony whiles saying his vows.

The old video still cracked netizens up when it was shared months after it was first published. Our checks also revealed that the wedding took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The groom who was repeating the vows after the officiating minister could not hold himself after saying “…forsaking all other women.”

His uncontrolled laughter quickly infected his bride, officiating minister and the guests present, resting his head on the chest of his bride.

As usual, social media folks had something say when the video popped up on various platforms including Twitter.

Many have opined that the groom might be a player who isn’t ready to forsake all his other side pieces.

Man will answer this question for the rest of his life

He’d better realize it fast

Watch the video below:


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