You Need To See This Photo Of Ruto’s Son Who Is Literally A Spitting Image Of Him

You need to see this photo of Ruto’s son who is a spitting image of him.

Deputy President William Ruto has good genes. The veteran politician’s children have a freakish resemblance to him.

Well, one of the DP son’s George Ruto, who is not in the limelight as his siblings Nick and Charlene, loves a private life away from the glaring public eye.

His cool afro hairstyle cuaght people’s attention.

George is known for his afro hairstyle and recently NTV’s presenter Ken Mijungu shared a photo hanging out with him.


George Ruto’s son’s afro hairstyle caught the attention of many including his father in December 2017. All of Ruto’s kids always look like him, most people also appreciate the fact that his kids are well spoken and know Kiswahili and English as well.

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