This Kenyan Lady Knowingly Infected Men With HIV & She Is Not Sorry About It

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After God fear women.

A Kenyan woman by the name Jackline Mwangi has come out with a harrowing tale of how she intentionally infected men with HIV.

In an interview with Tuko, Njoki, also knows as Kiki wa Ng’endo, confessed that she did it to punish men for not using protection while sleeping with her.

Njoki justified her actions saying she picked the disease from an infected person who also did not care to warn her.

“At the end of the day, I can not be your keeper. You know you do not know me, I am not related to you yet you want to have sex with me, why don’t you wear a condom or take a test with me if I’m comfortable and if I am not, ask me to wear a condom?” she posed.

In what sounds like a script straight out from a Hollywood blockbuster, the 36-year-old says she decided to go public with her status because she wanted men to stop approaching her for sex after she developed complications in her private parts.

The condition, Kiki said, has made her lose interest in sex after 18 years of selling her body on the streets.

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