This ‘Clean Water’ Lorry Was Carrying 700Kgs Of Bhang In Its Tank

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Police in Marsabit have impounded a bowser which was transporting 700 kilograms of bhang on Arapal-Olturot road.

The tanker of registration plate KCC 593H was seized in Loiyangalani by ten police officers, who had received a tip-off from Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) Inspector of Police, Godfrey Gachoya.

The incident happened at 1:15am on Wednesday, March 17.

The driver of the vehicle had abandoned it 10 kilometres from Marsabit Police Station after sensing he was being tracked down, police said.

The suspect is believed to have escaped into a nearby bush.

“On thorough search, it was established that the lorry was ferrying bhang weighing 700Kgs to an unknown destination,” said a police report, stating the value of the illegal drug was yet to be ascertained.

The marijuana had been hidden in the lorry’s tank.

“We have tasked local administrators to help trace the driver,” said the police statement.

Source: K24

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