Strict Rules For Barbers And Salons As Coronavirus Cases Rises

There will now be strict rules for barbers and salons as coronavirus cases rise.

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday introduced new rules for all operating and working in salons and barber shops.

CAS Mercy Mwangangi announced that all salon and barber shop workers must have a face mask on while attending to clients.

All salons and barbers must adhere to the new rules.

All salonist and barbers will be required to wear masks and the number of clients in salons and barbershops will be limited to a number that will be announced later. Basic hygiene must be adhered to such as providing hand sanitizers to the clients.

As the numbers keep rising new rules and restrictions keep coming up.

Today, there 7 new cases and CS Mutahi says that the state of the nation might continue the way it is for some time until things get better.

So far there’s restricted movement and a 7 o’clock curfew that everyone must adhere to.


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