6 Things You Should Never Do When He Ghosts You

These are the things you should never do when he ghosts you.

Hey there pretty lady, he ghosted you right? You’re going crazy and you probably sent him a number of long messages or you’re thinking of it. You’re wondering what you did wrong and if this is not his first time he’s probably going to come back very soon. He will come back and act like he never left and suddenly you’re in his box again, wrapped around his little finger. You promise yourself every time he ghosts you that you will get over him and this time you are for real. Yikes! we are sorry because you’re not doing so well but maybe these tips will help you.

1. Stop with the long messages

We hate to break it to you but there’s even a possibility that those long messages you’re sending he’s not reading them or he’s simply rolling his eyes when he saw those long messages. Sending short, long or any kind of message to a man that has ghosted you won’t do anything but make him think that he’s super important. Send him one message if you really have to and keep it short and sweet and don’t ask any questions like “why did you leave” like he’s your air and health.

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2. Do not blame yourself 

Never ever blame yourself for someone’s bad behaviour. Whether his family is going through a crisis or he’s depressed, the least any decent human being should do is warn you. You deserve someone who can let you know that their coping mechanism is space and that it has nothing to do with you. If he’s going through too much he probably shouldn’t even be in a relationship anyways.

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3. Stop stalking him

Stop it. You should actually block a man that has ghosted you especially when it’s not his first time ghosting you. Block that man and don’t create a pseudo account to see what he’s doing because it will only stall your growth. Stalking him won’t make him look for you.

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4. Stop trying to get him to communicate by posting a million pictures and videos 

Best medicine for someone who ghosts you is to become the ghost. What the hell does this mean? It means that you need to let him know that you are not affected by his actions, every time you’re almost posting something to get his attention just think is it because I want to for me or because I want his attention? Don’t post that quote sis, please go sleep.

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5. Do not allow him back in without any valid reason

So this is the first time he’s ever ghosted and maybe it’s because his favourite dog died? Well, in that case we can forgive this but only after he takes you for dinner and buys you a bouquet of flowers, if not, let that man go please. If he’s used to doing such things, please read number 1 to 4 again.

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6. Stop blowing his phone up

Do not call! do not communicate when a man ghosts you. I don’t care if he’s mad and he’s decided to do the silent treatment for three weeks. The longest he’s allowed to go quiet is 24 hours at most, anything beyond that you’re dealing with a narcissistic man who wants to use an argument as an excuse to have a bit of fun.

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At the end of the day there’s never a valid excuse for any dude to ghost you. Someone who cannot respect you enough to even tell you that he doesn’t want you is someone who wants to keep coming back to hurt you. Don’t let him sis.

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