Migori Residents Kick Out Chinese Investors As Police Watch Helplessly

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There was drama in Migori on Friday as angry locals confronted a Chinese investor over land grabbing claims.

Gold miners in Masara stormed one of the mines in the area which they claimed had been grabbed by a Chinese investor from a family.

According to the Standard, the investors, alongside their local handlers and a provincial administrator, fled from a restaurant near local gold mines where they were allegedly signing documents for the mineral-rich 10-acre land for which they had allegedly paid Sh2.5 million.

The chaos started at the market and spread to a gold mining site operated by the investors. Residents looted property of unknown value.

The investors ran across the fence, with villagers in hot pursuit.

Alex Songa, an officer commanding the local police station said they had launched investigations into the incident.

“The whole issue has resulted in the looting of property as a result of incitement by a few individuals. We will ensure the culprits are brought to book,” he said.

Some family members claimed the Chinese investor was using a member of the family to sign a deal secretly.

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