Man Stabs Heavily Pregnant Girlfriend To Death In Public

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A middle-aged man is on the run after stabbing his heavily pregnant wife in public and killing her on the spot.

Just what would push a man to such a heinous act?

The incident happened at Mutituni Market in Machakos Town on Saturday morning May 9, 2020.

Police are now said to be looking for the youthful man who according to reports, confronted his 27-year-old girlfriend on her way to work before whipping out a knife and stabbing her several times in the chest.

K24 reports that police are yet to establish why the man, known as Mutiso killed his lover, though it is suspected the two had protracted relationship problems.

Though the exact term of the woman’s pregnancy wasn’t immediately ascertained, police say she was in her last trimester (between 7 and 9 months of pregnancy).

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