Man Found Sleeping In Wrecked Matatu After Being Locked Out Of His House By Land Lord

A man has been found sleeping a wrecked matatu after being locked out of his house.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to suffer untold losses that include losing their homes, jobs, sanity and even lives.

While a select few can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of their houses during this period, many others are struggling with homelessness because rent has now become a luxury.

Captain Ochenge, a bodaboda rider was returning home when he came across a man being brutally beaten in the deep of the night.

He decided to intervene and nearly broke into tears when they heard the man named Obadia’s story.

According to the rider, the man was found sleeping in an empty matatu and immediately people assumed he was a thug. Their first instinct was to descend on him with kicks and blows as they thought of Obadia as a possible danger.

They found out he was homeless.

When Ochenge asked the 20-year-old man to speak, he learnt the guy was homeless and had to leave his house because he could not raise his rent.

For two weeks, his house was locked by the landlord and the best accommodation he could think of was a stationary wrecked matatu. The bodaboda rider said in a Twitter post he chose to accommodate the poor guy and feed him but harsh economic times have made it hard to sustain both their needs.

(H/T Tuko)


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