Kenyans React To Jaguar Donating A Heavy Duty Mattress To Babu Owino

Shots fired. 

Politician and singer Jaguar has made headlines for the petty, but hilarious shade he threw Babu Owino’s way. Earlier this afternoon, the politician announced on his twitter that he had donated 200 heavy-duty mattresses at Industrial Area Prison, keeping in mind his colleague Babu. He wrote;

Today I will donate over 200 mattresses to Industrial Area Prison, Starehe. I believe that remandees should be as comfortable as possible as they await the outcome of their cases. My colleague, Hon. Babu Owino, will benefit from one of the heavy-duty mattresses #TuesdayMotivation

This comes after Babu Owino was held in prison for shooting Felix Orinda, also known as DJ Evolve at B Club after a heated argument.

Kenyans didn’t miss an opportunity to react to Jaguar’s shade, most of them letting him know that his priorities were misplaced.

“Failure in government! You are donating mattresses which isn’t your mandate. Your constituents are crying about bad roads. Afadhali you donate them to boarding schools, children homes or women shelters in your constituency and then raise the prison issue in parliament committee”@ob1tomi

“There is something ever wrong with you. You are ever confused. You don’t know what to prioritize and what to come later. You’ve already sensed that the next occupant is would be the donor. Thare are things to do with these funds other than looking for attention and provokes.”@thuge_tony

“Mmependa mchezo…there are thousands of ua constituents (Patriotic, free)who can’t afford basic needs but of course you chose to assist criminals… Not right at all.” @MGrelly

“Did it just dawn on you that remandees need mattresses or because your colleague was remanded? Asking as a voter,”@NalanguK

What is your take? 



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