Kenyans Among The Most Unhappiest People In The World, Report Says

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A recent survey by the United Nations has ranked Kenyans amongst the unhappiest people in the world.

The ranking, which was released in March, was based on several factors including income, healthy life expectancy, freedom, trust, generosity and social support in the countries.

Kenya was ranked at a dismal position 121 out of 156 participating countries with a score of 4.583 out of a possible 10.

For the third year in a row, Finland emerged the happiest nation in the world with a score of 7.809. Denmark was second with an index of 7.646 followed by Switzerland (7.560), Iceland (7.504) and Norway.

The US was ranked at position 18 with a score of 6.940, the United Kingdom was 13th with an index of 7.165, Germany was ranked 17th with a score of 7.076 while Italy was 30th with an index of 6.387.

In Africa, Libyans were ranked as the happiest with a score of 5.489 at position 80 globally.

It is closely followed by Ivory Coast at position 85, Benin (86), Congo (88), Ghana (91), Morocco (97) and Cameroon (98). South Africa is 109th with a score of 4.814.

In East Africa, Kenyans were ranked the happiest people as compared to Uganda, which was in position 126, Burundi (140), Tanzania (148), Rwanda (150) and South Sudan (152).

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